Alejandro Mosquera

Research engineer

About Me

Research engineer working in cyber-security

I am a research engineer currently working in cyber security. My research focuses on systems and methods for automatic threat hunting: malicious network traffic analysis, malware analysis, unknown threat categorization, APT detection and attack chain inference based on machine learning.

I like:

  • Applying quantitative methods to solve complex data problems involving user risk scoring, user behaviour analysis, etc…
  • Translating product ideas into data science problems, and solving them.
  • Prototyping tools and data pipelines to extract meaningful insight from innovative sources of data.

I am also interested in NLP, adversarial machine learning and their applications to the cyber-security domain.


2020 - 45th place (out of 6351 teams) at Kaggle IEEE-CIS Fraud Detection

2020 - 10th place (out of 82 teams) at SemEval 2020 task 12: Offensive Language Detection Using Neural Networks and Anti-adversarial Features


2018 - Security Week: Symantec Releases Targeted Attack Analytics

2017 - Communications of the ACM: Moving Beyond the Turing Test with the Allen AI Science Challenge

2016 - Kaggle Blog: The Allen AI Science Challenge, Winner's Interview

2014 - The Register: Security rEsrchRs find nu way 2 spot TXT spam


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